Design for Wellbeing: Generative Visual Music for Anxiety Reduction. International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) Conference: Re:research. Cincinnati — November 2017

Modes: Multi-sensory Media Experience for Stress Reduction. AIGA Design Educators Community (DEC) Conference: Converge: Disciplinarities and Digital Scholarship.
Los Angeles — June 2017

Modes: Multi-sensory Media Experience for Stress Reduction. Design for Next: 12th European Academy of Design Conference 
Rome, Italy — April 2017

The Micro Moving Image: Form, Functionality and Cultural Value. Film and Media 2016: Questions
of Cultural Value
London, United Kingdom
July 2016

Design is Doctrine.
Jiangnan University School of Design
Wuxi, China — May 2016

Information Visualization Pedagogy: Functionality and Aesthetic Sophistication.
Design Principles and Practices: Design Transforming Society
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
February 2016    

Grids in Time: Golden Geometry through the Moving Image Structure. International Conference on the Image. Berlin, Germany. October 2014
Records for Life: Redesigning the Global Child Immunization Record. Design Principles and Practices: Towards a Collective Design Intelligence
Vancouver, Canada — 
January 2014
An Aesthetic Environment Assessment Tool. Developed and presented with Patricia Pinciotti, Ed.D. Design Research Society (DRS)/CUMULUS 2nd International Conference for Design Education Researchers: Designing Learning for Tomorrow: Design Education from Kindergarten to PhD
Oslo, Norway — May 2013
The Golden Ratio in Time-based Media.
TIMELING: Time + Temporality
in Human Experience.
Łódź, Poland — October 2012

The Golden Ratio in Time-based Media.
Film and Media 2012.
London, United Kingdom — 
June 2012















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Creative Works

Juried contributions (2 works) in published annual, co-designed with Pablo Berger : Art Director’s Club Young Guns X Annual. ADC Publications, Inc. , 2012.

05 2016     International group exhibition of student workshop outcomes. Emerge: Design                Themes for the Future. 2016 Re-design Design Education Conference.
        Jiangnan University School of Design. Wuxi, China

2015         Invited contribution in local group exhibition, co-designed with Michael Fischer.             Detroit. The Mini Microcinema. The Carnegie. Covington, Kentucky

2012        Juried contribution in national group exhibition, co-designed with Pablo Berger. 
        Transanalysis. Young Guns X. Art Director’s Club New York. New York, New York

2012        Juried contribution in international group exhibition, co-designed with Pablo Berger .             Transanalysis. Moscow Global Biennial of Graphic Design. Moscow Central House
        of Artists. Moscow, Russia

2011        Invited contribution in international group exhibition . The Golden Ratio in Time-            based Media. Diplom 10. The Basel School of Design. Basel, Switzerland

2011        Invited contribution in international group exhibition . Binary Images. Video Design             Installation. The Basel School of Design. Basel, Switzerland

2005        Published poster. Typographic Journey. Print Magazine, September/October 2005.



2013 – present    Design Research Society (DRS)

2002 – present    American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

2013 – 2015    Accepted Member with Stipend  New Faculty Institute — Center for the                Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CET&L). University of Cincinnati

2014        Invited / Sponsored Cincinnati Delegate  American Institute of Graphic Arts                 (AIGA) National Leadership Retreat. Denver, Colorado

2014        Recognized Faculty  Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program “Breakfast of Champions”             Ceremony. University of Cincinnati

2005        AIGA Midwest Origination Award

03 31 2017    Attendee  “Mindfulness, Meditation, and Balance for Educators”                        Day-long conference hosted by the National Association of Social Workers

10 06 2016    Funded Attendee  “Visualized: The Future of Information Communication”                Day-long conference held at the New School. New York, New York

07 2014        Attendee  “Into the 3rd Century of Media and Communication Education at UC: 
        Interdisciplinary Conversations on Research, Teaching + Practice” 
        Day-long seminar/workshop sponsored by the Faculty Development Council.                 University of Cincinnati

05 2014         Attendee  “Elevate” Annual National Leadership Retreat — American Institute
        of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Denver, Colorado, May 29–31, 2014
04 08 2014    Attendee  “Write Winning Grant Proposals” day-long grant writers’ seminar and             workshop. University of Cincinnati

03 2014        Attendee  “Connecting Dots: Research, Education + Practice “ American Institute
        of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Design Educators Conference. University of Cincinnati,
        March 14–15, 2014